View photos in their best quality

Photo Viewer For Win 10 is a multimedia utility that allows you to view an image the same quality as it was on camera. Usually, when DSLR or smartphone's pictures are imported to desktop, it doesn't look good on screen. Through this program, however, your computer photo viewing experience can now be improved.

It is free to install and use as an alternative to your default Windows 10 Photos application. Other than adding unnecessary menus, toolbars, or other on-screen distracting symbols, it focuses more on providing the features needed to see photos on a bigger screen on its best-preserved value.

Less UI, better photo viewing experience

Based on its features alone, it is already very evident how this utility tool is focused on providing the best photo viewing experience to Windows desktop users. Your built-in Windows 10 Photos don't give justice to the aesthetic images you took from your DSLR camera or mobile device. Thus, the need for a photo viewer that can retain the quality of the photo you captured is in demand.

It puts less priority on toolbars, menus, and symbols thus, you'll not see their existence on the program's interface. This is mainly because the developers believed that none of these are needed in retaining the captured images' quality. Still, it supports various essential functions such as ultra zoom, slideshow, full screen, rotation, print, and deletion. This way you can now see and observe photos better without losing details.You can access these features when you right-click on the opened image. Alternatively, it provides keyboard shortcuts for a more instant approach. Unlike the default photos app on your computer, this solution displays a borderless frame when viewing. Nevertheless, it provides background options that allow you to choose between black or white. Photo Viewer can be opened with other viewer or editor software that you have.

Never lose the quality of your images

Photo Viewer For Win 10 is a powerful image companion that enables you to view the pictures you took without reducing details and quality. Users interested in photography will find this utility tool handy as it aids them to precisely determine the enhancement needed to produce a perfect photo. In order to provide the ultimate photo viewing experience, irrelevant toolbars, menus, and symbols are removed from the application's interface.

A freeware that focus on enhancing your overall photo viewing experience

Ever wondered why your photos doesn't look good on your computer screen when compared with your camera display or phone's display? Do you notice the loss of details on your laptop/desktop display? Ever wanted a simple photo viewer without any menus/toolbars or other on screen distracting symbols? Well Photo Viewer For Win 10 is here for your rescue!

A freeware that focus on enhancing your photo viewing experience with its proprietary algorithm. DOWNLOAD NOW

Supports Windows 7/8/10
Size: 1.25 MB
Version: 1.0

Our photo viewer display photos with maximum details unlike many other in the market including default Windows 10 Photos app.

With only focus on viewing pictures, our photo viewer believes in least UI but then without compromising with features needed for best photo viewing experience.

- Borderless Frame
- No space covered by toolbars or other menus/symbols
- All keyboard accessible functions
- Only context menu on right click
- Background color can be set as black or white
- Open with any other viewer/editor
- Ultra zoom support
- Slideshow support
- Fullscreen support
- Rotation support
- Print support
- Deletion support



  • Best photo viewing experience
  • Retains captured images' details and quality
  • Irrelevant toolbars, menus, and symbols are removed from interface
  • Supports vital photo functions


  • No editing features

Program available in other languages

Photo Viewer For Win 10 and 11 for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.5
  • 3.9

  • Security Status

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